Foundations for Early Learners

As any quality structure requires a solid foundation, children who are growing in wisdom need a strong academic start to their education. Equip provides students in grades K-5 with bible-based learning to solidify their reading and writing skills, build a basis for scientific learning, lay the ground work for an accurate understanding of history, ignite mathematical thinking, and strengthen computational skills.

Equip Christian Academy provides a faith-based, personalized, self-paced educational program for our elementary students to meet their unique needs and schedules. Our school provides students the opportunity to choose between different types of curriculum that will best fit their learning style, while keeping a focus on a Christian-based value system. Curriculum choices include textbooks, online courses, or a blend of both textbook and online instruction.  Our curriculum is both easy to use and engaging for the students.

Additionally, families can decide to use parents in the role of traditional homeschool teacher for their courses, or they can use our certified and highly-skilled teachers to assist with curriculum instruction, pacing, and grading.  Our teachers are committed to helping families to monitor student progress each month and ensure success through constructive feedback and academic support. Flexible curriculum choices and active teacher support provide our students with all the resources needed to achieve academic success.

Elementary students are required to take 4 core courses: Language Arts/English, Math, Science and Social Studies/History, with an option to choose from our elementary school electives.  Students will build the core skills and build the foundations needed in elementary education while being supported by a Christian worldview and value system.

Course Path Options


Digital Paths

In this path, available for students in grades 3-5, the students will use our online digital curriculum in an easy-to-understand format where they can work at their own pace within the parameters of the class calendar. Families can choose to have teachers support, guide, and grade in this system, or the parent can take on this role. Full time students using our teachers are additionally provided a success coach who will work closely with the family by monitoring student progress, assisting with any needs or concerns, and meeting with families monthly to ensure the student is progressing appropriately.  Full-time families who choose to use parents as teachers will have the support of an Education Guide who will monitor student’s progress and conduct a monthly check-in with the family. 


Print-based Program Paths

In this path, available for students in grades K-5, students will use textbooks from the LIFEPAC curriculum that will be provided by Equip Christian Academy and parents will serve as teacher.  The textbooks come in the easy-to-use form of workbooks that are broken up into smaller lessons to encourage student sense of success and accomplishment.  Full-time families will be provided an Education Guide who will keep in contact with the family, and make sure they are progressing successfully through their courses.   Students will submit required work samples along the way and their Education Guide will document the progress of the student using the work samples and a digital tracking system.

At Equip, students will be able to use either of these options or a combination of both! Click here for full details. Our staff is here to answer questions and offer suggestions to help guide each family to make the best choice for their personal needs with a focus on the individual learner.