What Do Academic Advisors Do?

Education is not one-size-fits all; students have varying educational experiences, strengths, and challenges. Equip Christian Academy’s academic advisors set students up for success, taking the individual needs of the student into consideration and creating a plan to best support a student’s progress.

At the elementary and middle school levels, academic advisors ensure the student is placed in the proper grade level with the appropriate classes or textbooks. Parents can request testing to help with this process. At the high school level, academic advisors evaluate records and past transcripts and build a plan to meet the student’s graduation requirements and goals for after high school.

Whether using our online curriculum or print-based curriculum, Equip offers families a variety of class scheduling options. Academic advisors help students and families map out the scheduling of their classes to best fit the families’ needs. For example, students can take one class at a time, divide their classes into semesters, and take classes outside the traditional school calendar (August to June).  

As part of the enrollment process, our academic advisor will send an introductory email outlining the next steps in the process, including a request for records and/or transcripts from previous schools. The advisor will review the records as they customize a plan for your student.


Equip Christian Academy recognizes that your learner is uniquely created and customizes a plan to fit accordingly.