Christian Curriculum

Equip Christian curriculum was created by Christian Educators with a desire to teach strong Christian values while promoting academic excellence. Our Christian curriculum integrates a Christian worldview into every subject.  Students gain a better understanding of the interconnectedness of God’s creation while learning to apply critical thinking.

Online Courses

Equip offers a very versatile online Christian curriculum with dynamic, Christ-centered lessons and interactive features designed for students in grades 3-12.  Equip engages students in learning, with rich multimedia elements including interactive games, audio and video clips, external web links, and off-computer assignments throughout the courses.  Equip’s online curriculum features easy-to-use navigation, Bible courses for grades 3-12, and a handy notes tool.

  • Available for Grade 3-12
  • Aligned to national and state standards
  • User-friendly for students
  • Text to speech allows students to hear selected passages or entire lessons
  • Translates lessons into over 20 different languages
  • Interactive features enrich the educational experience
  • Assignment list shows students what is due each day

Print-based Courses

Equip families who prefer to use a print-based curriculum, may purchase and use LIFEPAC’s worktext curriculum for grades K-12.  LIFEPAC’s worktexts are divided into smaller booklets. A full academic year of curriculum will have ten small booklets and a full academic semester will have five booklets. Dividing each subject into small booklets builds confidence and provides students with a satisfying sense of accomplishment upon completion. LIFEPAC courses are designed so that every course has age-appropriate content and design. Families can purchase LIFEPAC in complete grade sets or in single subject sets.  LIFEPAC sets come with a comprehensive, step-by-step teacher’s guide. Each course comes with teacher support materials, including practical tips, suggested activities, and answer keys.

  • Available for Grades K-12
  • Integrated lesson plans included
  • Strong Bible-based foundation
  • Bible courses available grades 2-12
  • Promotes critical thinking skills and independent study
  • Lightweight worktexts can easily accompany students anywhere


Accelerate Online Curriculum

For families who would like a secular-based curriculum, but with the support of our Christian environment, Accelerate provides students in grades K-12 with rich, engaging standards-based courses. This program also provides our high school students with AP and Honors level courses for those advanced learners. Labs, journals, written assignments, and written exams are among the activities and assessments that students participate in. Accelerate’s CTE, elective, and world language course offerings allow students to explore a wide range of interests. For the younger grades, Accelerate places a major emphasis on literacy. Accelerate incorporates a variety of methods to help students become skilled learners, including reading aloud, expanding vocabulary, independent reading experience, writing skills, and speaking and listening practice. While content is offered via an online platform, early grade courses include hands-on experiences that necessitate the printing of activities. Furthermore, some courses necessitate the use of items that are commonly obtained in your home. A list of materials is provided below.

  • Available for Grades K-12
  • Honors and AP level courses for High School students
  • Aligned to national and state standards
  • Text to speech available
  • Task list of assignments due each day for students
  • Audio and text translations in multiple languages